Friday, November 2, 2012

The Tenth

So here we are, at my tenth blog.
I admit I am disappointed that it has taken me this long to get to this point. I would promise to do better in the future but honestly I know my blogging will continue to be sporadic at best.

Here's my confession, I prefer to put pen to page rather than spend my precious few moments of introspection in front of a computer screen. It is my belief that the art of writing, really, truly using all those things that elementary school teachers taught us about how to write well, is dying. For my own part I have asked my friends to write me letters to utilize my skills at writing a personal, unique letters in this world of Hallmark cards, quick Facebook posts and tweets. I feel that the instant communication enables a departure from that special connection with a particular person that is established when you take the time to sit down and hand write a letter. Granted, the world of instant communication has enabled people to be more involved in each others lives, despite being half a world apart. In my opinion it has also lead to more shallow 'friendships' rather than creating friendships that last a lifetime; it enables people to end friendships with the simple click of a button (or two), with minimal emotional impact.  Therefore, I have decided that if I truly want to develop a friendship with a person, over some sort of distance, I ask them to give me their address and to write me back.

Recently I participated in a project that required a TON of handwriting (readers who know about will see my handiwork [no pun intended] as part of the published journal cover come Dec. 1). I encountered that horrible monster that most commonly rears its head when you have to hand write multi-page essays for a test: hand cramping. Fortunately my friend Jono (who is left-handed) suggested a solution, writing with my non-dominant hand (for me my left hand). After a few sessions of writing with my left hand, and discovering that cursive is easier and neater than print, my writing became somewhat legible.

So to end this auspicious occasion of my 10th blog I will leave you with a challenge, send me a picture of something you wrote with your non-dominant hand. Don't be afraid, without some practice all non-dominant hand looks like a kindergartener wrote it so there will be no judgement :)

Would anybody noticed if one person just dropped off the face of the earth?
Would their dissappearance cause any commotion, any fuss?

Or would life just keep going on in the fluid motion surrounding us?
So i ask you now to take notice, pay attention.
There may be someone watching.
Desperately waiting for someone, anyone to notice.
Simply acknowledge thier presence.

So this is for those who are clinging to that possibility that someone will spend a moment to see you, talk to you.
We care.

Fairfarren All!!

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