Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I know it's been two weeks since I last posted but unfortunately I had nothing happen in my life that truly stimulated my curiosity. Therefore I will simply wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year!

P.s. I successfully made a holiday dinner for my family and they loved the presents I got them. Hope you readers had a fantastic holiday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So to make up for the "prepackaged" post this weekend I figured I'd treat those who read and hopefully follow this blog to a bit of my poetry. Hope you enjoy

Life requires air, as does sanity
Old stories of sailors caught in doldrums,
driven insane
For want of a breath from any of the four winds.
Seemingly directionless, but purposed all the same.
The simple movement of air can change the course of history
or return life to a wasteland
It is an oft occurring miracle, not religious, no.
But awe inspiring just the same.
For without it, everything would wither to dust.
Such power of creation and destruction all in one,
It's a wonder we don't revere it more.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Note: I did not write this, I am simply sharing it

taken from "Laws, Gods, and Heros" and dedicated to college students everywhere this finals season

"And it came to pass,
Early in the morning toward the last day of the semester,
There arose a great multitude smiting the books and wailing
And there was much weeing and gnashing of teeth
For the day of judgment was at hand
And they were sore afraid, for they had left undone
Those things which they ought to have done,
And they had done 
Those things which they ought not to have done
And there was no help for it.
And there were many abiding in the dorm
Who had kept watch over their books by night,
But it had availed them naught.
But some there were who arose peacefully,
For they had prepared themselves the way
And made straight paths of knowledge.
And these were known 
As wise burners of the midnight oil.
But to others they were known as "curve raisers"
And other things not fit even for unclean ears.
And the multitude arose
And ate a hearty breakfast
And they came unto the appointed place
And their hearts were heavy within them.
And they had come to pass,
But some to pass out.
And some of them
Repented of their riotous living and bemoaned thier fate,
But they had not a prayer.
And at the last hour there came among them 
One known as the instructor; and they feared exceedingly.
He was of the diabolical smile.
And he passed papers among them and went his way.
And many and varied 
Were the answers that were given,
For some of his teachings had fallen among firtile minds,
While others had fallen flat.
And some there were who wrote for one hour,
Others for two.
But some were turned away sorrowfully, and many of these
Offered up a little bull
In hopes of pacifying the instructor.
And these were the ones who had not a prayer.
And when they finished
They gathered up their belongings
And went thier way quietly, each in his own direction,
And each one vowing unto himself in this manner,
'I shall not pass this way again'"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Unexpected moments

Audrey Hepburn once said "To have beautiful lips, say beautiful things; to have beautiful eyes look at people and see the good in them; to stay thin share a meal with someone who is hungry."

I had an unexpected encounter this weekend at the airport, wherein I had a chat with someone who hurt me in the past. We have both since moved on with our lives but what was interesting about this encounter was how at peace I was with having a friendly chat with this person, and how I was finally (after 2 years or so) able to truly wish the best for them. To me this proves the adage that time heals all wounds. That is not to say that they wont hurt but perhaps they hurt less and less as we ourselves to accept the hurt as a learning experience and allow ourselves to move on and grow.

I would add to the above quote that to have a beautiful life recognize the moments where you need serenity and those moments will make you who you are meant to be.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Sometimes people see better through a lens, of a camera, of academia or other. Something to distance oneself just a bit from reality. I guess that by starting this blog I'm attempting to do just that. Here's the challenge to myself; write a weekly (or so) blog post about my insightful observations through the lens about anything. I promise not to censor myself and to put my thoughts into words to the best of my abilities and explain the thoughts behind my beliefs and actions if so requested. I do not and will not promise to include the minutia of my daily life but rather will use this as a forum to inspire thought within myself and anyone who happens to read. I will have no set word count or subject matter other than what topics are on my mind. For those embarking on this journey with me, I salute you.