Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mirrors and Thoughts

What would we see when we looked into a mirror that reflected who were truly are, from the depths of our consciousness?
Its more than likely that said reflection would not be show us as we view ourselves. Therefore our closest approximation to what we could see in the aforementioned mirror is an amalgamation of our friends descriptions/opinions of us. I say an amalgamation because one person's opinion/observation of us is only a few aspects of who we really are. Yet, if we try to discover those opinions of us, they undoubtedly change. Simply because we asked.
This topic came to mind when I thought of how people would react if we all expressed our deepest thoughts, those that are hardest to express in words. I admit that I often say to those around me (usually friends) "penny for your thoughts" or "whats on your mind". Wouldn't it shock you though, if the person you ask replied with something as unexpected as "I am thinking about how best to invoke a reaction, within myself, to the world around me because I find that I am numb"? What illusions about humanity would an honest statement like that disintegrate? What "basic" beliefs?
So I ask you, my dear readers... what would you see in your mirror