Monday, December 3, 2012

Dont Worry...

girl with the beautiful eyes
why do you cry
lady with the beautiful smile
just wait awhile
you will prove them WRONG

just remember it doesn't matter
what the others say
because one great day
you will prove them WRONG

you just need to find
that peace within your mind

when you love you for you
and no one else matters

lady who makes others smile
i know it'll take a while
but you must keep searching
for the worth within

girl who is afraid
just remember,
you will prove them WRONG

I had a rough week this last week and decided to look though some of my old poetry... hope you enjoy it and i hope it touches someone's life, somewhere. 

* just a note, i did write this for women but self-confidence and self-love is an issue for men as well. So i don't intend this to be sexist at all, any reference to woman/girl/lady can easily be substituted to man/boy/gentleman/sir