Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Distance makes us useless to our fellows who suffer. Helplessly, we are forced to sit and watch. While they are subjected to their trials. When what we desire most in the world is to help; to do something...anything that would ease their burden. But NO, no matter how much or how hard we wish, plead, hope and beg, in the end there is nothing we can do. Nothing that matters anyway. Nothing but sitting and waiting and saying those three insignificant words.... I am sorry. Those words that mean nothing yet have such an array of meanings. They are our security, what keeps us from realizing though we appear concerned we sometimes could not care less about your trials or what have you. They are our little voice of  comfort that reminds us that you know we would like nothing better than to take your place or make things go away. Most of all, they are the words that express when we realize that, whatever happens, we are connected. Despite distances.