Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For the Ladies (and the men who care): IMAGE

I recently read an article on Yahoo that posed this question: what do women who wear sizes 14+* prefer to be called. In the article, the author references notable 'plus sized' celebrities as role models but claim 'curvy' is a less offensive word choice. Interestingly, they also include a link (Curvy Quotient Quiz) to an interesting poll presented by an advertising agency that works with companies such as Lane Bryant (a store noted for catering to 'plus sized' or 'curvy' women). This poll asks questions about how women deal with their curves.

Upon taking the quiz and using their limited options to answer their questions as truthfully as possible I received the score of 'confidently curvy'. For the most part I do embrace my curves, but as several of my friends, and most definitely my mom, can attest, there are times when I truly loathe them; particularly when bra shopping, it can be such a pain to find the beautiful style/design I want in the style I want. In all honesty though, I am overweight.

There, I said it.

I fully admit that I need to loose some weight and definately need to be more active. That being said, I work every day to make sure that I am confident in myself for one reason or another. Most of the time that reason has NOTHING to do with how I look, and on days when it does I feel GOOOD! You know what I mean, that moment when you look in the mirror before heading out for the day and think, "WOW, I didn't think I could look this professional/nice/beautiful/well-dressed!"

Getting back to the previously mentioned article. I know women who are at a healthy weight, active and have true CURVES and those who DON'T and they're beautiful. I also know women who are somewhat healthy/not healthy, and have curves (Yup, thats ME) and are gorgeous. I also know countless women who are absolutely STUNNING, but are hurting because they allow themselves to fall into a vicious cycle of self-loathing and depression and a number of other issues related to self-confidence. What many, particularly the fashion and entertainment industries, don't understand is that these issues affect ALL types of women, regardless of size!

Self-confidence is a huge factor in a person's life (yes, men have issues too). One thing I have learned is that helps is to find some way to recognize and accept your talents, gifts, or virtues. A few months ago I challenged a friend to look herself straight in the eye in the mirror each morning, honestly, and without blinking say out loud just ONE thing she likes about herself. If she couldn't do it in the morning then she had the day to find something good to say. To my knowledge she didn't accept my challenge but I hope you all will.

So I will leave you with this challenge,

Look yourself in the eyes each morning and WITHOUT BLINKING, say one thing that you truly love about yourself. Be brutally honest, and as you keep striving to find new things, eventually you'll wake up and realize that you are beautiful, confident, and above all.... you love yourself for who you are. Wobbly bits and all!

*This number is not meant to be discriminatory, rather it is the common size definition of 'plus sized'

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