Monday, January 21, 2013

New Adventures in an Old City

Jan 15
I cannot say my travel to Europe was uneventful, after losing (then finding) my passport in the attempt to go through customs in lovely London, having a mini heart-attack thinking my bags got lost, finding out that they'd changed the carousel number, and waiting with some new friends for a taxi big enough for both us and our bags, I finally arrived at my housing in Copenhagen.

The first thing one learns here is how truly COLD it is in the middle of winter and how quickly that cold spreads through your body (unless of course you have an amazingly warm, fur lined coat from your more amazing Mom). In spite of this frigid reception, I have been touring around the city, meeting my fellow students, and learning how to not get lost on the winding streets.
 I've been relatively successful at this endeavor in the just over 24 hrs after my arrival and have already found my way back from the town center via the trains. Fortunately, I've avoided the plague known commonly as jet lag thanks to an AMAZING new home on Tasingegade (not quite pronounced how you think it is). The biggest challenge I've faced thus far has been understanding Danish, they have a few extra vowels and some strange sounds (de = el sound).

Jan 21

After about a week of being here I am beginning to appreiceate the emerging nuances of life in Denmark. Like candles. The danish have a concept of a perfect, cozy atmosphere where people gather and have fun called hygge (prounounced similarly to huge but without the e sound at the end). Fortunately I have been able to tap into this with some of my new friends and fellow students through group dinners, explorations and sorites to a nice (but expensive) neighborhood pub.

Furthermore, I have become considerably more at home with the bus system and am well on my way to knowing were I am in the city at a given point, provided I'm able to see some of the more notable spires of the Copenhagen skyline. For example the Marble Church which is the closest Lutheran (no, NOT Catholic) church to their majesty's royal residence.

 It's been about a week here and I'm already getting a strong feeling that Europe it's fantastic cities like Copenhagen are destined to be my future home. As I stated before, I will try to keep a regular schedule of updates for this travel blog but please be patient :) Thanks for reading and feel free to comment with any questions about what I've been up to on my adventure. 

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  1. Ali, so glad you're making Copenhagen your new home. Life there sounds way cool and Auntie would love the candle concept. Study hard stay safe and have fun. Love from All in good old US